Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scarf Swap Shipping Deadline is Today!

This is just a friendly reminder to everyone participating in the Fall Scarf Swap that the shipping deadline is today.  No worries if you missed it - just get moving and get it in the mail this week to your partner as soon as you can!

Remember that I'll be hosting a link-up party on Thursday, October 15 so we can all show off our scarves...this is my favorite part!  And no worries, if you don't have a blog!  You can still show off your new scarf on Instagram or Twitter using #2015fallscarfswap.  I can't wait!!!

Let me know if you are having any issues.

Happy Swapping!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday :: Freezer Meals, Baby Prep, Christmas {Gasp} and Drugstore Finds

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm officially 35 weeks as of yesterday and will have this baby by 39 weeks so that means we are at the 4 week countdown!  My family including Jason are all convinced that Colin will make an earlier surprise appearance due to the simple fact that I'm HUGE and I don't think they can fathom me getting much bigger.  You never know, but my doctor doesn't seem convinced that will be the case.  Since I was induced the first time around and then rushed to an emergency c-section, I never had that "water break, labor pains or tons of contractions moment."  I really don't know what to expect if that does happen!

Until then, I'm preparing our home, hearts and minds as much as one can and enjoying our last few weeks with an only child. 

Now let's get to some Friday Five!

ONE - Freezer Meals

One of the things I found to be the hardest when Jack was born was food.  We all still needed to eat, but it was sometimes stressful to find time to eat (Jack was a constant nurser), much less prepare an entire meal for me and Jason - especially around dinner time when Jack was the fussiest.  I was lucky enough to have my mom make tons of dinners for us plus friends brought some too, but I don't want to count on this assistance every single night!

My hope is that in the coming weeks I can find some time to make a handful of freezer meals on those days when I just can't get it together.  How easy is it to pop a freezer meal in the crockpot or oven and voila...home-cooked meal!   I'm linking some of the meals I plan to make, but please let me know if you have any other suggestions...and no, while these meals are not waistline friendly they will do their job in that first month when we are in survival mode...I'll worry about diets another time!  You can always throw a salad or some fresh fruit with any of these meals and feel a little better about what you're serving your family!

Non-Freezer Meals That I Plan to Have on Hand:

TWO - Gift Basket for L&D Nurses

When Jack was born I took lots of time and made cute little gift bags to take to the hospital for the L&D nurses.  This time around I'd like to do something for them as they SO deserve it, but don't want to spend a ton of money {or time} preparing it as I'm starting to slow down!

What did you do if anything?  I've thought about just ordering a tray of cookies from Jason's Deli or somewhere near the hospital or having some cute sugar cookies custom made (if time allows). Any nurses out there want to weight in on things you like vs. hate to receive from patients?

THREE - Infant Carrier

I totally stripped our infant carrier {Chicco Keyfit 30} this week to wash everything.  Considering Jack was in it just about everyday when he was an infant it is still in awesome shape and barely looks used.  I can't say enough good things about the Chicco Keyfit and Chicco Caddy Stroller Frame by the way if you are in the market.  I used this YouTube tutorial to help me strip everything off correctly...and then this video to get it back on!  I'm sure I could have figured it out on my own, but this saved me lots of time.

Once I installed it into my car I realized that soon I am going to need a larger car!  But that's a worry for another day...

FOUR - Christmas Decor

I did something this week that I swore I would never do.  I not only thought about, but ordered Christmas decor before Halloween!  Growing up I was always adamant about not thinking about an upcoming holiday until you are done with the other.  First is Halloween so no Thanksgiving talk; then it's Thanksgiving so no Christmas talk, etc.  But I've also come to learn as an adult {mostly as a parent} that one must plan way ahead in order to be on the ball with sales, sellouts and wait lists.  Yes, I had to line up a company to hang our Christmas lights this year back in July as we missed the window the past two years!

Anyway, this week I bit the bullet and ordered Colin his Christmas stocking to match ours from Ballard Designs when I received a catalog in the mail and realized they were on sale now for ordering so early.  Had to get him a matching stocking hanger too - also on sale now!  

FIVE - Drugstore Finds

I'm no beauty blogger, but wear makeup everyday...even if it's just a little concealer, blush and lipstick on the weekends so I consider myself worthy of letting you in on a fantastic drugstore dupe!

The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($6.99) is an excellent dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($29).  Just for comparison, I wear Sand in the Maybelline version and Custard in NARS.  I own both and have actually been grabbing for the Maybelline version as it goes on a little smoother and lasts a bit longer in my opinion.    

I've also have the NYX Butter Gloss ($4.99) in Red Velvet on heavy rotation these days to transition my makeup to a more fall-ish look.  I love the Butter Gloss line because they are so easy to wear everyday - even in the more bold colors.  I found this particular color at Target, but you can find these typically at any CVS, Walgreens or Grocery store. 


 SCARF SWAPPERS!!!  Just a reminder that you need to have your scarf for your partner purchased and shipped by this Tuesday, 10/6.  So that means if you haven't found that perfect scarf yet, I'm officially putting it on your to-do list this weekend!  I have some of my favorite scarves linked on this post if you need ideas.  Nordstrom has SOOOO many great ones available at and under your $35 price limit and I've also spied great finds at Target and Loft.  I've heard Forever 21 has some great blanket scarves in stores too.  

Basically, you shouldn't have any trouble...Happy swapping! 

Step 1:  Leave a comment below with your name, email, blog link (if applicable) and any other social media handles you would like to share for your partner to get to know you with by Wednesday, 9/16 (one week from today). 
Step 2:  Partners will be posted on this blog on Friday, 9/18
Step 3:  Reach out to your partner via email and follow their blog and social media accounts to get to know each other and get an idea for what type of scarf they might like or opt to totally surprise each other!  You have a little over two weeks to shop for a scarf and send it their way.  If you don't hear from your partner by Tuesday, 9/22, please let me know via email so we can match you with someone else...I promise no one will be left behind!  perfectcatchblog {at} gmail {dot} com
Step 4:  Get the scarf in the mail to your partner by Tuesday, October 6
Step 5:  Come back here to The Perfect Catch Blog on Thursday, 10/15 and link-up to reveal your new scarf and see what everyone else received...this is my favorite part!  Also join us on Instagram using #2015fallscarfswap.  This part is optional, but oh so fun!


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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals and September Goals Recap

Whoa...baby month is here!  We are scheduled for a c-section on Friday, October 30 so unless something crazy happens, this baby will be here this month!  And because of this reason, most of my goals are all about preparing our home of three for one more. 

October Goals:
  • Figure something out for nurses gifts to take to the hospital - any ideas?
  • Pack snacks for hospital stay
  • Have both kids car seats professionally checked
  • Have hair cut/colored before baby comes {and maybe a mani/pedi and eyebrow wax if I can find the time}!  It will be a long time before I get around to these things again after baby comes. 
  • Stock up on freezer meals
  • Put together double stroller
  • Setup our baby gear downstairs - I'm not supposed to do stairs after my surgery and of course the nursery and Jack's room are all upstairs along with most of the baby gear so I'd love to get some of this stuff settled downstairs. 
  • Family pumpkin patch trip and/or County Fair trip
  • Date night with Jason
  • Extra hugs, kisses and snuggles with Jack


September Goals Update:
  • Pack hospital bag for me
  • Pack hospital bag for Baby Colin
  • Dentist appointment for me
  • Order "Big Brother" gifts for Jack...let me know if you have any ideas!  
  • Install the baby carseat 
  • Read at least one book for pleasure - FAIL
  • Finish my Colorado trip recap post - FAIL...really, when will I ever do this!  The trip was back in June!  I just can't get motivated on this one!
  • Decorate the house for fall - Half FAIL...started, but plan to finish this weekend!
  • Take maternity/family pictures
  • Do a 3D Ultrasound just for fun
  • Start prepping at work for maternity leave
  • Find a nightstand and lamp for nursery - last of nursery prep!
  • Order some new nursing nightgowns/robe for hospital and after
  • Soak in lots of time as a family of three
  • Rest more!
  • Try to do small, thoughtful things for my husband and friends to know how much I appreciate them

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 34 Weeks

How far along: 34 Weeks
Size of Coffee Bean:  19-22 inches, 4.9 pounds
Fruit/Vegetable Comparison: Pineapple
Gender:  BOY!
Showing:  Um yes!
Maternity Clothes:  Getting sick of wearing the same things over and over.  Looking forward to post-pregnancy, maternity leave attire of leggings and non-maternity tunics!
Sleep: Just okay - trying to appreciate it though even as uncomfortable as I sometimes am because I know very soon I'll be praying for just a few hours of it.  
Movement:  Lots! 
Food Cravings:  Comfort food like soups and cornbread

Anything Making You Sick/Queasy: Only when I panic about having TWO kids soon!
Weddings Rings On or Off: On - just the engagement ring

Mood:  All over the place honestly. Some moments I'm perfectly happy and content, feeling like I have a great handle on things.  Then others I'm stressing out with things I still "need" to get done before baby comes.  I'm treating this last month as if the world is going to end once the baby arrives and I won't be able to do anything.  It's great to prepare as much as you can, but I realize I'm being dramatic with all of my baby prep.  

Best Moment This Week:  Baby Sprinkle and learning that I lost 3 pounds at my last appointment...I had gained 4 pounds at my previous appointment and was majorly freaked out!  
Strange Experiences:  Just all of the strangers who feel it's okay to touch my belly.  Strangers - it's never okay.  
Looking Forward To:  Having our carseats professionally checked this week - yes I am actually looking forward to that and some cooler fall temps!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colin's Baby Sprinkle :: An Afternoon Tea

On Saturday my amazing girlfriends that I met years ago while volunteering in the Junior League Tea Room threw me and Colin a Baby Sprinkle.  It was an afternoon tea at Adrienne's home and just perfect!  My mom joined the fun too.  If you remember, they spoiled me when I was pregnant with Jack with a gorgeous shower at the Junior League Tea Room.

I'm one lucky girl to have such awesome friends.

We had the most delicious tea and food that included scones and jam, tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, petit fours, fruit tarts and macarons  #heaven

All of the decorations looked just like Colin's nursery with yellow, gray and gray/white chevron...they even incorporated yellow ducks into the tea, another nursery theme of mine!  Colin and I were showered with gifts and everyone wrote wishes for Colin just as they did for Jack several years ago.

What a special day with special people.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I am telling my 8.5 month pregnant and tired self that it's going to be a wonderful week!  I did drive all the way to Jack's school this morning with my keys on top of my car, but they were there when we pulled in so good things...right? 

We had a great weekend, but I can't say I got much rest!  I even walked 11,825 steps yesterday which is a LOT for me these days.


I ran out of work a little early on Friday so I could get a car wash and run to the grocery store after finding out Jason's mom and sister would be staying with us for the weekend.  As much as someone tells me not to worry about getting anything for them, I was raised to always have a fully stocked kitchen when people are staying with you!  Jack and I met Jason's mom at the house and then met Jason for dinner.  Afterwards we let Jack run around the Town Square again which has become a regular thing these days.  


Saturday morning was crazy town at our house.  As soon as we finished up with breakfast, we had a slew of people stopping by for several home checks and repairs.  In between these visits we tried to hang stuff in the nursery and finish Colin's room.  By lunchtime I was spent!

Still a work in progress like paint touch-ups, but it's coming along!

Saturday afternoon I attended a Baby Sprinkle for me and Colin! My Juinor League friends out did themselves with the cutest and sweetest afternoon tea.  I'll post more about that tomorrow! 

Afterwards I came home and hung out with my boys, Jason's mom, and sister who joined us for the rest of the weekend.  They watched a scary movie and I had to bow out.  I'm a horror movie junkie, but these days I can't handle them...hormones, maybe?


The one thing Jason's mom wanted to do while in town was to visit a local nursery that she loves.  Even though it was rainy we made it there before the Texans game.  As usual, Jack had a great time running around outdoors and seeing all of the animals - fish, frogs, cats, dogs and chickens.  What more could a little boy ask for?

34 Weeks

We headed home for lunch and the Texans game.  I had tamales and tons of chips and dips for everyone to snack on.  Once I got Jack down for his nap, I ran out for a few errands before heading home and starting on dinner.

I was majorly craving some Sausage and Corn Chowder since it was a gloomy day (even though the temps did not warrant a soup craving).  It was delish if I do say so myself.  And the rest of the evening was spent preparing for the week!

Hope you have an easy Monday and a fabulous week!  

P.S.  Scarf Swappers :: Don't forget to start shopping for your scarf swap partner...shipping deadline is a week from tomorrow: Tuesday, October 6!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 31, 32, 33 Weeks

31 Weeks
33 Weeks

33 Weeks

How far along: 31, 32 and 33 Weeks
Size of Coffee Bean: 19 inches, 4.5 pounds (33 weeks)
Fruit/Vegetable Comparison: Honeydew Melon (33 weeks)
Gender:  BOY!
Showing: Just a little ;)
Maternity Clothes:  The maternity wardrobe is starting to dwindle as I get bigger and bigger, but I so don't want to spend anymore money on these clothes!  Just making it work with what I have - sorry if you see me in the same few things over and over from now until November!
Unglamorous Body Changes:  Nothing new
Sleep:  Not great - I wake up feeling just as tired as when I went to sleep.  I guess I'm just getting prepared for life with a newborn again!
Movement: Very hard kicks and moves
Food Cravings:  Nothing specific except cold things: popsicles, ice water, iced tea
Anything Making You Sick/Queasy:  The heartburn has really started up if I eat too much or too late in the evening.  I keep reminding myself to eat smaller meals otherwise I'm miserable!
Weddings Rings On or Off: Still on, but it's just my engagement ring, no bands.  Luckily my engagement ring is beautiful enough to stand alone!  Not sure how long even it's going to last though.
Mood:  Very anxious these day.  Just want to get "everything" done before something happens...bedrest,  early baby, etc.  Someone pointed out to me the other day that made me feel better that it will never "all get done."  That was encouraging to me to just get done what I can get done.  The rest will fall into place.

Best Moment This Week: Spending lots of time with my family of three and taking maternity pictures!
Strange Experiences:  Lots of people are wanting to rub the belly.  Not okay with me although lately I've just been smiling and taking it. 
Looking Forward To:  A little baby sprinkle this weekend with my sweet "Junior League" girls! 

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