Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Corsicana and Arlington Road Trip

I've been horrible at posting my weekend recaps lately (really just blogging in general).  Sometimes they just seem too boring to take the time and knock out, but I do love having our precious weekends documented so I'm going to try and do a better job at this.   We had a busy weekend for sure visiting all of my in-laws so now seems like the perfect time to get back on this routine!


Jason and I both took Friday off from work (even though I was already out all week without childcare).  We were set to hit the road early, but a crisis at work for Jason caused us to leave later than we had hoped.

We finally hit the road with Jack and Tucker in tow...and lots of snacks and distractions like a new toy for Jack and the iPad.  It's about 3.5 hours in the car to our first stop but between the three days we were going to have a lot of car time.  One can never be too prepared.  All of the packing and preparation, made me really stop and think about what it will be like when there are TWO kiddos to pack for.  #needabiggercar

Jack did great!  We just had to stop once for lunch (which in hindsight I would not have taken our dog Tucker) since our only lunch option was to drive-thru and eat in the car.  I would have prefered to let Jack get out and run around (in air conditioning) for a bit, but live and learn.  #nexttimelistentoyourwifeJason

Friday afternoon and evening we hung out in Corsicana (Jason's hometown) at his mom's house.  All of the family including Jack's cousin Landon came over for dinner and Jack loved all the play time!

We were all geezers and in bed before 10pm!


Saturday morning we were up and at 'em early to visit Jason's grandmother at her nursing home.  We had a great visit with her and Jack had a blast.  Her home has a huge fish pond and birds so he was in little boy heaven.

After a mandatory stop at Jason's favorite Corsicana fast food place Taco Shop, we headed north for Arlington to Jason's dad's house to visit with the other side of the family.  Since his parents are divorced, visiting the in-laws means two separate stops, cities and families...I can't complain since that is how my side of the family is too.  #fourchristmases

His dad grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and Jack was able to play with his other cousin Cohen.  We had a great visit with family and then spent the night in Arlington. 

I'm so, so thankful that Jack is able to sleep anywhere.  Sleeping in two different places in two nights can be hard for anyone.  My trick to making this as easy for him as possible is to try to stick to his bath & bedtime routine and also bring his little comforts from home that are easy to pack like his Twilight Turtle, Sound Machine, favorite stuffed animal, blankie and bedtime books.  It's worth all the packing when he sleeps his normal hours of 8pm-7am. 


We were up early again on Sunday to make the {slow} trek back to Houston.  We had to make one stop in Corsicana to pickup Tucker at Jason's mom's house and say goodbye to everyone...and some cherry ice box cookies for me from Collin Street Bakery before heading to Houston.  Jason got Taco Shop one more time on our way out...diets for everyone this week!

Jack did great again on our way home.  We ended up stopping several times for my pregnant bladder and to let Jack get some fresh air including this cute donut wall I've been dying to stop at!  

Me and Colin at 26 Weeks!

We made it back to Houston around five in just enough time to unpack and pickup the house for the week before worrying about dinner.  Once Jack was asleep Jason and I were pooped but still managed to catch Bachelor in Paradise...he's such a good husband for humoring me with these silly shows!  He stuck through the entire Bachelorette season with me!

I hope you had a great weekend too and a have a great week.  

Is anyone else secretly happy that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now over so you don't feel so tempted to buy items your wallet doesn't' really need you to?  Just me...Bueller? 
Next weekend we are HOME and making Jack's big switch to a new room!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Menu Monday :: What We're Eating This Week

Sorry this post is a little late!  Our nanny had a loss in her family and had to unexpectedly take the week off last minute so we've been scrambling to figure out work and appointments this week.  With that said, life goes on and we've still gotta eat dinner!

And as I was pulling my recipes for the week, I realized that all but one came from some of my favorite bloggers.  You can clearly see how I get my meal ideas!  

Sunday :: Bow Tie Fiesta Casserole {Blue Eyed Bride}

This is a repeater from just a few weeks ago, but we had company over on Sunday and I knew we'd be hanging out by the pool all day so I wanted something so easy that I could prep ahead of time and throw in the oven at the end of the day!  I served with fruit and salad.  

Also, be sure and check out the recipe for Sweet Corn & Zucchini Fritters with Avocado Crema {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers}.  Such a yummy lunch/snack when hanging out by the pool all afternoon. 

Monday :: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps {Mama & Mou}

This is one of my favorite weeknight recipes.  Easy to throw together, crowd-pleaser (even Jack) and it makes excellent leftovers for the week.   Since I was excited to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette Monday night, I dubbed these the "Wrap It Up" Lettuce Wraps. 

Tuesday :: Sweet & Tangy Meatballs, Asian Salad

I'm almost embarrassed at how easy these are AND how gross the ingredients actually sound together, but it's surprisingly good.  ...and easy!  Being a working mom/SAHM this week, easy is needed!  I serve these over brown rice with sugar snap peas and an Asian salad.  Jack will eat these with the rice and orange slices.  

Wednesday ::  Crunchy BBQ Brisket Tacos {Mix & Match Mama}

Another yummy and easy dinner since it's done in the crockpot.  These are delicious and give you something a little different than traditional tacos or BBQ. 

Thursday :: Turkey Taco Casserole {Honey We're Healthy}

This meal reminds me of the lettuce wraps above in terms of making them.  Super easy and throwing a mix of ingredients in a skillet.  We eat these like a little "burrito bowl" with some cheese, sliced avocado and jalapenos (except for Jack, ha). 

Have a great week!  I'm linking up with Colleen of Meet the Sullivans for Menu Monday today.  Be sure and check out the other great meal ideas. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday :: Coffee Bean Has a Name!

Happy Friday!  It's been a week with some emotional ups and downs, but let's move on to some happy news! 


Coffee Bean has a name and it will be...

Colin Everett!  

Neither Jason nor I "won" the name game, but this feels like the right fit for our second son.  I posted a thread on Facebook last week asking for name ideas.  While Colin was not one of the names suggested, all of the ideas drove me away from certain names due to popularity and to this one after a long brainstorm.  I love it and think it feels different enough to meet my requirements of not being the "hot" name of the year, but not crazy and weird, meeting Jason's requirement.

Joke is on me when everyone I know having a boy this fall (which seems like a EVERYONE) names their kid Colin, but oh well.  That's what happened with my Jack. 

Everett is Jason's grandfather's name (also the person who married us) and seemed to fit just perfect!  We love that we are able to honor him.    


The nursery plans are coming along.  We haven't actually put anything into it since we haven't moved Jack yet, but my dining room has become a great staging area to make plans!  I keep buying stuff and one of these days, the items will make their way into the room. 


At 25 weeks, I'm still feeling great.  My lower back kills me towards the end of the day, but feels much better after a good night's rest using my Bump Nest.

Another favorite pregnancy product I'm loving lately is Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I'm already feeling like my skin is being stretched like crazy, but this helps if I apply both morning and night. It feels so good without being greasy.  Love that is doesn't have a strong scent too!


Does anyone else have {or had} jitters about sending your kiddo to preschool for the first time?  I know it's just preschool a couple times a week, but I'm already stressing over Jack having all the right "stuff" and becoming accustomed to his new schedule.  We've been trying to follow the preschool schedule as much as we can so it isn't a huge shock next month.

Image via

I've already ordered a backpack and lunch bag from Two Magnolia Lane {you have until August 1 to place an order} and also ordered this Bento Box from Pottery Barn Kids after a friend recommended it when her son started preschool last year.

Any other items or tips I need to consider?  If I'm this worked up over preschool, how will I be when he starts Elementary???  The life of a worrier! 


We've been trying to make the most out of the unbearable Houston heat lately.  It's almost even too hot to swim in the pool since it's not that cooling but more like sitting in bath water in the afternoons.  It's been water hoses, popsicles and pool time as much as we can!

Have a great {and cool} weekend!

We are doing some "Watermelon Mini Session" pictures with Mommas Gonna Snap Photography and Jason and I are both getting haircuts.  Maybe some pool time on Sunday too and nursery chair shopping.


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 22, 23 & 24 Weeks

22 Weeks
24 Weeks, 6 Days
...And yes I realize I look 30+ weeks pregnant!  I almost didn't post these pics, but it is what it is ) I want to document this pregnancy: the good, the bad, the all.  My doctor assures me everything is normal and I think my posture is just sucking and making me stick out my stomach more than I should.  Probably why I have lower back pain these days too.  It's not gonna be pretty come 35+ weeks people.  I'm thankful for my growing baby boy {and not so thankful for my short frame and extra 10 pounds I never lost}! 

How far along: 22, 23 & 24 Weeks
Size of Coffee Bean: 8.5 inches, 1.5 lbs (at 24 weeks)
Fruit/vegetable comparison:  Papaya (22), Grapefruit (23), Ear of Corn (24)

Gender:  Another Baby Boy!
Showing: Oh yes!
Maternity clothes:  100% Maternity pants and 80/20 in tops and dresses  
Unglamorous body changes:  Nothing new
Sleep:  Decent...just not enough of it!
Movement:  LotsJason even felt the kicks starting in week 22!  I tried to get Jack to feel his little brother kick, but when I asked him if he wanted to feel his brother's kicks he proceeded to kick me.  Gotta work on that one!
Food cravings: Nothing new, but I am loving the strawberry pie pops I just discovered this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No
Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring is on, but my stack of other two rings is too tight when worn together.  
Mood: Pretty darn emotional the past few weeks...let's just say I've cried at work which is something I HATE doing for many reasons.  
Best moment this week: We celebrated the fourth of July at 22 weeks which was fun, but the best moment from the three weeks is deciding on a name...halleluiah!  It seems like this one is finally going to stick and I've even ordered his name on a few items so now it's really official!  I'm making the announcement this Friday (tomorrow) on the blog!
Strange experiences:  People are really starting to touch my belly especially if I'm wearing more form fitting outfits.  I can't stand this, especially in this Houston heat.  How do you tell someone to stop touching you once they have started?  I'm pretty good about keeping my personal space and giving off body language so this doesn't happen, but there is always those few who don't get it!
Milestones: Finally coffee bean has a name and has become much more active.  
Looking forward to: Getting the glucose test over with next week and making more nursery progress.  And more monogramming of course!

Love my little photo bomber!

Name announcement on Friday!!!

Read about my 22 week, 23 week and 24 week update from my first pregnancy!


 I'm linking up today with Annie and Natalie today for Thoughts for Thursday. 

Thoughts for Thursday

Monday, July 20, 2015

Menu Monday :: What We're Eating This Week

Happy Monday!  I'm beat from the weekend sadly.  Between my neighborhood closet sale which was a big success to just getting ready for the week, I'm sitting here asking myself when my weekend will arrive?  I never got that pedicure I wanted to do yesterday so I may try and do it after work just so I have a little ME time.  I guess that's the life of a mom.  

This week is NOT a great example of what we're eating.  Not a lot of great recipes to link to and I almost didn't post, however I wanted to show that not every week is made up of delicious, healthy, home-cooked least not in our house.  You may think this is terrible, but if that's the case, we can't be friends.  Some weeks you are just in survival mode!

Sunday :: Hamburgers and Salad 

This isn't an exciting meal, but it was perfect for last night since we were hanging out by the pool.   Jack ate his with a side of Mac & Cheese and avocado and Jason and I opted for a salad since we'd eaten pretty bad the entire weekend. 

Monday :: Slow Cooker BBQ Spareribs {Slow Cooker Meal}, Mashed Potatoes & Salad

This freezer meal did not get made last week due to Jason's crazy work schedule.  He was hosting a huge group of event planners, promoting the city and was out past 2am three nights in a row!  Jack and I did smaller meals since it was just the two of us like "breakfast for dinner" one night and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Tuesday :: Hamburger Mac

Don't judge, but as a working mom sometimes we need a quick meal idea that Jack is guaranteed to eat.  Ours may or not be coming from a box labeled "Hamburger Helper."  This is a late night for Jason so I take the easy route when I'm on my own! 

Wednesday :: Cilantro Lime Chicken {Slow Cooker Meal}

This recipe is one of my favorites.  It's easy to prep, easy to serve and everyone likes it!  I serve with fresh corn tortillas.  Great leftovers on this one too! 

Thursday :: Lasagna

Again, no judgment!  This will be coming from kitchen de Stouffer's for same reason as Tuesday. 

Friday :: Pickup

By Friday I will be done or we may just eat leftovers.  We'll see how the week goes!

Underwhelmed by this post?  I'll try to do better in the coming weeks!  
Hope you have a wonderful week!


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Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Last weekend my mom and I worked tirelessly to clean out both of my guest rooms {and totally emptying one out} to make room for Jack's new room.  It was truly exhausting, but I ended up with a huge stash of clothing that needs to find a new home - I'd love to sell the nicer pieces to make a little extra change for Coffee Bean's nursery.  Long story short - I'm hosting a "pop-up shop" in my home tomorrow for neighborhood ladies.  We aren't allowed to have garage sales plus it's far too hot.  Wish me luck - I think I'm crazy, but it's over 100 pieces so hopefully it will be worth it!

Between moving rooms and having to move offices at work I'm beat!  Therefore my Five on Friday will have to be short and sweet...

...and it's actually on Houston Moms Blog today about my top FIVE picks of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Hope you have a great weekend and make a little time for yourself.  I'm going to try and sneak away for a pedicure on Sunday!

P.S.  For all of you blardigan lovers out there, I've got news for you on this year's Anniversary Sale picks!  I just received mine in the mail and was rather disappointed!  I have more info on my Instagram @ChelseaPurifoy, but I promise to come back later today and add more pictures here on the blog.  Just out of time at the moment!   I also think I've used up my allotted number of times I'm allowed to say "blardigan" in one day. 


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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday :: Beautycounter Products and Why I Keep Ordering

I've mentioned Beautycounter products before, but haven't done a big review since using them for a few months now.  I was introduced to the products by a friend from church, but didn't give it much thought until my mom attended a party for it and learned more about the kids product line "Kids Counter".

Jack has had skin issues since he was a baby.  We've visited with a dermatologist, switched him to prescription lotions and creams and upgraded his body wash and shampoo to extra-sensitive, more high end brands.  The best one we found for him was the California Baby Eczema Shampoo and Body Wash.  It wasn't perfect (and very expensive) but it worked the best.

...until I tried the Beautycounter Kids line and fell in love!  My top five reasons for using it:

1.  No more skin issues for Jack
2.  Smells great
3.  A little goes a long way
4.  Easy ordering and fast shipping
5.  No harmful chemicals.  It even rated good on the "Think Dirty" app that rates products in terms of their ingredients.

I've tried and loved five products now from Beautycounter and will continue to use and order.

1.  Kids Counter Squeaky Clean Bodywash
2.  Kids Counter Nice Do Shampoo
3.  Protect All Over Sunscreen, SPF 30 :: awesome citrus smell and non-greasy
4.  Rosewater Uplifting Spray :: I use this daily and is so refreshing in the Houston heat
5.  Lip Sheer in Coral :: perfect mix of moisture and color.  Love that it's light for summer!

I don't personally sell these products, but I am hosting a "Facebook Social" to learn more about the products and win giveaway items.  The social is online now through Sunday.  If you are interested in learning pressure to buy I promise...leave a comment and I can add you to the Facebook Group.

You can also use this link to browse the products

 I'm linking up today with Annie and Natalie today for Thoughts for Thursday. 

Thoughts for Thursday


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