Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ode to Animal Print

If you liked my poem about my slight obsession with my herringbone vest, checkout my tribute to all things leopard (yes, it's a neutral) over on Houston Moms Blog today. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taste of Tuesday: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week I had a huge craving for my mom's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies so Friday evening after putting Jack to bed, while watching Dateline, I whipped up a batch.  Even my husband likes these and he isn't really a pumpkin fan - gasp!

These taste like fall even if it doesn't feel like fall outside quite yet!


1/2 cup Butter (1 stick)
1 1/2 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Canned Pumpkin
1 Egg, Beaten
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 Cups Flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 - 6 oz. package of semi-sweet chocolate chips (or more)! 


Mix first 5 ingredients.  Mix remaining ingredients except chocolate chips.  Add wet to dry, mix well.  Fold in chocolate chips.  Set oven to 350.  Bake approx. 15 minutes

I'm linking up today with Kate and Emily for Tuesday's Recipe Swap!

Martinis & Bikinis

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday: Stitch Fix Review

My very first Stitch Fix box was delivered a few weeks ago and I wanted to share my experience with you. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a styling service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and/or accessories pulled specifically for you.  Once you receive the items you can try on, take pictures and see how they will work into your wardrobe - all in the comfort of your own home.  You have three days to decide to keep the items or send them back.  If you keep all five items you will receive 20% off the entire purchase.  If you send all 5 items back you lose your $20 stylist fee that would have been applied to your purchase.  Everyone fills out a style and fit questionnaire, but you can be as picky or open as you want in your communications to your stylist. 

I signed up out of curiosity!  A few of my friends had good experiences and I've read a handful of blogger reviews.  The great thing is you choose when you get your next one - next month or never.  You are not committed to anything.  I was also impressed with how easy it was to return the items.  You can literally just drop it in the mail.  They give you a return bag with label for all of it. 

I made a few notes to my stylist saying that I like pieces that can be dressed up or down - work or weekend.  I also requested no jewelry since I have that more than covered at home. 

I ended up only keeping one item, but I really loved everything I received and was surprised at how well most of it fit.  4 out of 5 ain't bad for this curvy girl!

Your box includes 5 Items, Styling cards with suggestions on how to wear each piece, personalized note from your stylist and a return bag with shipping label

So the FIVE items I received are below:

ONE - Joshua Colored Ankle Jean, $64 - SENT BACK

The first item I received was a cute pair of colored ankle jeans in cobalt blue.  Loved them, but unfortunately I could not even get them halfway up my fat curvy thighs to take a picture.  Needless to say for future boxes, I told them no pants unless it's a stretchy ponte knit or legging.  I need to just stick to my "curvy" fits at Loft. 

TWO - Tessa Chevron Print Sleeveless Blouse, $48 - KEPT

Dork Alert: I'm posing with my purse to see what it would look like when I'm on the go (anyone else do this) and I look like I'm about to do "the perfect cheer."  Fashion blogger I am not!

Although I don't think this top was worth the $48 price tag, it looked good, matched a ton of my jewelry and could be dressed up or down.  Plus I didn't want to lose my $20 styling fee.  I actually wore it the very next day that I received it and have worn it several more times since.  I pair it with a blazer for work, wear it by itself at home, but also plan to add a cardigan when it gets cooler so it's a good transition piece. 

THREE - Dorina Crew Neck Lace Panel Blouse, $48 - SENT BACK

This top was cute and fit pretty good, but was too summery for a late August purchase.  It was also a little sheer, but would be ruined with a camisole. 

FOUR - Colibri Abstract Print Sleeveless Top, $54 - SENT BACK

I really liked this top and it fit great, but once again, I wasn't interested in another sleeveless top this late in the summer.  I know that is ridiculous since Houston will be hot through Thanksgiving, but I still like to dress for the fall regardless of the temps.  If I would have received this in early summer, I probably would have kept. 

FIVE - Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan, $38 - SENT BACK

I liked the idea of this fun pop of color for a cardi, but after looking through my closet I didn't have much to wear with it and the fit was just okay.  Loved the price, but just felt I could do better in terms of fit and looks.  I think longer sweaters look better to lengthen my short, curvy frame, rather than cutting my body in half. 

Final Thoughts - This is a really fun service.  I wouldn't rely on it for all of my wardrobe needs, but it is fun to discover new items or step out of your comfort zone.  I think the anticipation is the best part!  I have my second box arriving at the beginning of October and then plan to put a hold on it through the holidays so I can focus my spending on gifts for others.  Based on how this next box goes, we will see if I'm even interested in using this again next year.  If I do continue I will be sure and provide more details in my comments on what works for my body. 

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, you can use my referral link here to sign-up. 
Note that I will receive a $25 credit if you sign-up.  Hopefully then someone will do the same for's like subscription box karma!

Last, while I was trying on my Stitch Fix pieces I also made an outfit for this great kimono piece that my original stylist - Shelley (my mom) picked out for me a few weeks ago.  She is the best when it comes to dressing me and yes, I'm 31 and my mom still picks out clothes for me!



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Altuzarra for Target :: September 14

This Sunday Altuzzara for Target launches - I'm sure you've seen the commercials running all over TV lately {at least on NBC and Bravo}!  I'm not sure this will have the same widespread panic and chaos as other designer Target launches like Missoni and Phillip Lim have in the past, but I'm sure it will still have a fun buzz around it. 

I just scrolled the lookbook and there are a few pieces that I would love to see in person.  Overall, I think most of the pieces are a little on the sexy side for my day-to-day activities of work and home chasing a toddler, but I guess that is the whole point according to the advertising.  The clothes have a lot of high slits up the leg, low cuts and body clinging dresses and pencil skirts.  There is even a cute lingerie/mask look. 

The collection includes shoes and some great belts too. 

You can view the entire lookbook here and check the pieces I want to track down below!

Blazer in Python Print, $49.99

Trench Coat in Military Green/Black, $89.99
Keri Russell modeling the trench

Faux Fur Crop Jacket in Black, $69.99

Tee Shirt in Python Print, $17.99

Embroidered Blouse in Red, $44.99

Bow Blouse, $29.99
What pieces are you most excited about? 

Which best describes you:
a.)  I will be at Target, Starbucks in hand, first thing Sunday morning!!!
b.)  I plan to check it out next week
c.)  If I happen to be at Target I may browse the clothing section for this
d.)  Could care less!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vest Obsessed

Fellow HMB Contributor Meagan and I have been in some serious discussion this week about our love for winter vests!  You guys know how much I love my herringbone one

There are a couple of new cute ones out there now I wanted to make you aware of:

Camo version {of the popular Herringbone vest}
This is my wishlist item.  It would look so great with black, gray, brown and chambray for the fall and winter.  And perfect for my upcoming Colorado trip...wink, wink!

Buffalo Blue version
If you liked last year's navy striped vest, this is a great alternative with the ever-popular buffalo check pattern.  On major sale right now, I have a feeling this one may sell out.  Sizing down is recommended.

Last year's navy version
Quilted Tweed
This vest from Old Navy also comes in brown and is so classic.  It will look good with so many tops already in your closest and will be in style for years.  You can score this one 30% off today only using code SAVEMORE

Any others I'm missing? 
Hope you are having a great Hump Day!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Legging Love

My friend Allison of Swish Productions is now selling these amazing leggings that I was lucky enough to model last week.  She is currently selling 3 different patterns - that Alli named after us!  And as you can see by all of our looks, you can wear these in so many fun ways.  It's amazing that they are one size fits all and yet still fit each of us so great - from a size 0 to a 10!

The leggings are $15/pair and can be purchased by commenting on the leggings picture of Swish Production's Facebook Page. 

I love that they looked great with any and all types of shoes and tops - flats, booties, tall boots and heels.  We did it all and best of all - so comfy!  Gotta love the stretch.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: End of Summer "Blow-Out"

We had a good, long weekend.  We were lazy bums and didn't get that much accomplished, but I got to spend a lot of time at home with Jack so no complaints from me!


Jack and I had Little Gym and this time, Mimi joined us!  Jack wasn't exactly feeling it since it was the first day of the fall classes and there were lots of new faces around.  My shy boy takes a while to warm up to new people.  After class we headed to Stride Rite to get him some "high tops" to support his ankles at the suggestion of his neurologist since we are still getting the walking thing down.  I wish I had my camera ready to snap a picture of Jack's face when we put those shoes on him.  Shoe lover just like this mama!


We really did not do much aside from normal chores - grocery store, laundry and a nap! Jason was hurting a little bit from his night of football watching with friends the night before so we all took it easy.  I had to get up early the next day so we called it an early night.


For my day off, I rolled out of bed earlier than I do for work...what?!?!  Luckily it was for something fun, otherwise I would have been pretty upset.  I was modeling for a friend's new website.  Allison has an amazing Etsy Store and is expanding what she currently sells into clothing in the coming months.  Her first item is a great pair of one size fits all patterned leggings.  Me, Shannon and Ashley were her models for the day.  Trust me, I'm no model and am not trying to pretend to be one! 

I think Allison was going for a "real people can wear these" look.  Plus between Shannon (Size 0) and me (Size 10) we really proved that the leggings will amazingly fit all body types!  We had a blast except for the fact that we were dripping with sweat because we were wearing leggings, sweaters, and boots in the August Houston heat!

We shot at several different spots around Houston, but the "drippy wall" was by far my favorite!  I can not wait to see all of the shots that the amazing photographer, Paige of Awake Photography captured. 

After the photo shoot and some lunch, Jason, Jack and I headed to our friend's house for their son's 2nd birthday party.  They had some kiddie pools setup in their backyard so I dressed Jack in a swim diaper and swim outfit.  He was feeling shy (surprise, surprise) so he ended up pretty glued to me most of the party.  About an hour into it I picked Jack up off of my lap and realized I was soaking wet.  I was hot and sweaty but this was like "wring me out" wet.  I looked at my drink and Jack's cup and nothing had spilled.  I was wearing animal print so you couldn't actually see anything...

I didn't know what it was until I smelled it.  Hello diarrhea.  Needless to say, we didn't stay for cake. 

Two lessons learned - 1.) Swim diapers suck and 2.) Animal print is amazing

If I had been wearing a light color, it would have majorly uped the gross and embarrassing factor. 

Our friend Sarah put it best saying that Jack just wanted the party to be the official End of Summer "Blow-Out."  Well played Jack.  Well played. 

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