Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Still Here...

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to check in quickly and say that I'm still here and this blog is still alive.  It's just been rather overwhelming lately dealing with a colicky newborn who prefers to cry at night rather than sleep and an active toddler who has been sick more than he has been well.  Not complaining in any way!  In fact, we are all doing well and getting lots of help and yummy meals from friends and family.  I just wanted to explain why I haven't been blogging these past few weeks.  I shall return very soon! 

Whenever Colin naps I've been choosing showers, sleep and chores over blogging.

I have a long list of posts I hope to knock out in the coming weeks about what's been going on including Colin's birth story, postpartum updates and even what I've been wearing lately (so happy to be done with my maternity wardrobe)!

Love you guys, miss you and look forward to getting back into the swing of things very soon.  Until then, I hope to catch you over on Instagram @ChelseaPurifoy which is about all I can tackle these days!

Here are a few previews from our newborn pictures we took with Momma's Gonna Snap Photography who also shot our maternity pictures!

Hope you are having a wonderful week.  If you are local in the Houston area, aren't you loving these cooler temps today?!?!


Monday, November 9, 2015

November Goals & October Goals Recap

As you can see below, my November goals are MUCH different than in previous months.  It is HARD adding another family member into the mix - at least for me.  So much to get adjusted to.  Wonderful, but an adjustment!  I'm trying to give myself some grace as we all get adjusted to our new normal so with that said, the bar is low for goals!  We are taking things day by day and it's working so far!

November Goals:
  • Adjust to life with a newborn! 
  • Write thank you notes to the many sweet family and friends showering us with love lately
  • Create, print and mail birth announcements
  • Spend some quality one-on-one time with Jack
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving
  • Start planning Christmas gifts and decor


October Goals Update:
All I can say is that I was a crazy pregnant lady on a mission...

  • Figure something out for nurses gifts to take to the hospital  - Personalized Cookies!
  • Pack snacks for hospital stay
  • Have both kids car seats professionally checked
  • Have hair cut/colored before baby comes {and maybe a mani/pedi and eyebrow wax if I can find the time}!  It will be a long time before I get around to these things again after baby comes. 
  • Stock up on freezer meals - Such a long story for another day, but I can say I have a fully stocked freezer...they just aren't with the original ones made by me!
  • Put together double stroller
  • Setup our baby gear downstairs - I'm not supposed to do stairs after my surgery and of course the nursery and Jack's room are all upstairs along with most of the baby gear so I'd love to get some of this stuff settled downstairs. 
  • Family pumpkin patch trip and/or County Fair trip
  • Date night with Jason
  • Extra hugs, kisses and snuggles with Jack

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Introducing Colin Everett

At 38 weeks, 5 days we checked into the hospital for a scheduled c-section.  All went well and we are so proud to introduce Colin Everett to you!  Everyone is doing well including Jack who is already the best big brother! 

 Happy Birthday Colin!
7 lbs, 10 oz.
20 inches long

You can find more pictures and updates on my Instagram account {@ChelseaPurifoy} for now.  I plan to write a full birth story and lots of postpartum updates, but sleep and snuggles are taking priority over the blog for now. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 37 Weeks


How far along: 37 Weeks
Size of Coffee Bean:  19-22 inches, 6.5 pounds

Fruit/Vegetable Comparison: Winter melon {Whatever the heck that is}...we'll go with Watermelon since that's how I feel!

Gender:  BOY!
Showing:  Um yes!
Maternity Clothes:  Lots of stretchy pants, tunics and maternity tees...and even all of these are getting tighter.  You know it's about time when your "long" maternity tanks are too short!  
Sleep: Just okay.  I haven't' had any trouble falling asleep, but I'm up often either needing to pee or find a more comfortable position.  Getting out of bed is no joke these days!

Movement:  Slowing down probably because he's running out of room, but I still feel him all day.  Instead of "kicks" it's more like slow shifts across my belly.  I'm sure he's having a hard time getting comfortable too. 

Food Cravings:  Cookies, ice water with lemon or lime, comfort foods
Anything Making You Sick/Queasy: Only when I panic about having TWO kids soon!
Weddings Rings On or Off: Officially OFF as of 35 weeks - I can put them on most mornings, but throughout the day they get tight so I just don't even bother anymore.

Mood:  Up and down with panic and excitement

Best Moment This Week:  Pumpkin patch trip with my family and attending Jack's Parent Lunch/Hayride this week...I've been hoping my body would hold on long enough to make this!

Strange Experiences:  Ups and downs this week thinking he may be coming earlier than expected due to some findings on an ultrasound.  Seems he is still coming early, but not as early as we originally were told this week.  What a roller coaster!

Looking Forward To:  Meeting sweet baby boy Colin!  I'm at the point now where he could come anytime and we can't wait to welcome him into our family.  

Read about my 37 week update from my first pregnancy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maternity Photos with Baby #2

Truth be told, I wasn't really looking forward to taking maternity pictures this go-around.  It just seemed like yet another thing I had to do on my ever-growing maternity to-do list.  But every time I thought about opting out I knew that I wanted to capture this special time in our lives when we were a family of three waiting for our second baby boy to make his arrival.  In all likelihood this will be my last pregnancy so I wanted some pictures to document it.

Boy did Amanda of Momma's Gonna Snap Photography hit these out of the ballpark!  In just a short 30 minute or so session, she grabbed tons of beautiful images between me and Jack, me and Jason, all three of us and just me.

I wanted to take pictures at Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston since it's within walking distance of Jason's office and is close to where we took our engagement photos.   I love how we were in the middle of the city we love yet in some it looks like we are in the middle of a country field. 

I waited to the very last minute to pull everyone's outfits together (Ashley can attest to this) but I'm so happy with how it all came together!

Here are just a few of my faves...

Checkout our maternity session with Jack a few years ago! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had another great weekend - one of our last being a family of three!  The weather in Houston was gorgeous and the temps finally dropped a bit.  It was nice to be able to spend some time outside!


Friday was a fun day at work.  Even though my staff spoiled me earlier in the week with a baby shower, they surprised me with gorgeous flowers for Boss's Day!  I only worked half a day, but was still able to wrap up all of the items on my maternity leave checklist!  I still plan to work another full week, however as you know, I'm paranoid that the baby will either come early or I'll be put on bed rest so I was anxious to wrap things up just in case.   It's a great feeling to know things are taken care of!

I left early so I could get a pre-baby hair color and trim!  I know it will be awhile before I'm thinking about getting my hair done so I covered the grays and got a significant cut.  A little shorter than I was actually thinking, but I know it will be appreciated once baby is here.

I came home to a fun package in the mail for Baby Colin from a sweet friend who is expecting just weeks apart from me.  

Jason picked up dinner on his way home and we got some much needed rest!


Saturday morning we headed to our favorite local nursery that was hosting "Pumpkin Palooza."  A special event that promised face painting, pumpkin painting, lots of photo ops and live music.  Mix all of that with the gorgeous weather and we had the best morning.  We even ran into Jack's best friend from school and her family.  Jack wasn't so interested in the face painting or pumpkin decorating, but we loved rocking on the swing and watching Jack dance to the music...and taking too many pictures too.  

We grabbed lunch on the way home and Jack grabbed a nap in the car.  We did some resting in the afternoon, Jason planted some flowers in the backyard and I made this for dinner


A Texans win {finally}, household chores and 25 breakfast tacos to be frozen...totally exhausting, but productive day.

We ended the day with dinner at Beck's for burgers.  I didn't want to cook, was craving a burger {I was good and just had a kids meal}, but the bonus is that the restaurant is on the water and has so many ducks walking around.  Jack LOVES it and we totally hit the jackpot and got to see a ton of ducklings running around.  Jack was in heaven!

Hope you have a wonderful week!  


Linking up with Biana & Meghan for Weekending

Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Fall Scarf Swap Link-up Party!

Hooray!  It's like scarf swap Christmas morning when we get to see what everyone was gifted.  Hopefully the weather where you are is starting to cool off so you can sport your new accessories.  If not, just jack up that AC and get cozy!

A couple of notes about the link-up:
  • If you blogged about your Scarf Swap experience, please link-up below and link back to this blog post!  
  • You can also share with us on Twitter and Instagram using #2015fallscarfswap
  • Check out the full list of all who participated here.  
 I hope everyone had fun and made a new friend.


I was partnered with Misty of Morris Moments blog.  She told me that she loves dark colors, floral prints, and no plaid!  I hopefully found the perfect scarf that she just loves.  It came from Loft and I also included a matching Essie nail polish that I thought was just the perfect fall color and some fun Halloween straws!  I sent her this package, but will let her share with you what's inside!

She did good on my package too and I must say that great minds think alike!  First of all, the scarf she bought me is perfect!  It's plaid with all of my favorite colors and double bonus that it is SUPER soft and cozy.  I just need a small dip in temperature so I can rock it!

She also sent me some of her favorite fall essentials : Baby Lips lip balm, cute kleenex packet and an Essie nail polish that is so me, screams fall...and is almost identical to the color I sent her - ha!

Thank you so much Misty!  I just love my scarf and goodies.  It put a smile on my face this weekend when it was delivered!

Now it's your turn!  Linkup below and show off your new scarf or join the fun on Twitter and Instagram using #2015fallscarfswap:


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