How do You Get the Fishing Rod in Fortnite?

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Fortnite, the ever-evolving battle royale phenomenon, offers a diverse range of gameplay elements beyond just building and battling. One such feature is fishing, a mechanic that adds a unique layer of strategy and the potential for valuable rewards. But before you cast your line, you’ll need the essential tool: a fishing rod. This guide explores the different ways to get a fishing rod in Fortnite:

How do You Get the Fishing Rod in Fortnite?
How do You Get the Fishing Rod in Fortnite?

Method 1: Floor Loot

Scattered Spawns

To begin with, fishing rods can be found randomly scattered around the map during a match. Look for them in different locations like:


Search chests inside houses, apartments, and other structures.

Fishing Spots

Moreover, head towards bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Fishing rods may sometimes spawn near these areas.

Supply Drops

Keep an eye out for the distinctive blue light trails indicating supply drops. These can contain various loot, including a potential fishing rod.


Fortnite offers multiple ways to snag a fishing rod during a match. Keep your eyes peeled for them scattered randomly around the map. Look inside chests in buildings, explore areas near bodies of water like lakes and rivers, and don’t miss the chance to grab supply drops as they might contain a fishing rod amongst other valuable loot.

Method 2: Chests

Treasure Troves

Chests are scattered throughout the map and offer a chance to acquire valuable loot, including fishing rods.

Prioritize Rarity

Higher rarity chests (such as gold and purple) have a greater chance of containing a fishing rod compared to common chests.

Method 3: Barrels

Fishing Frenzy

Specific locations on the map feature clusters of barrels, often found near bodies of water or on beaches.

Smash and Grab

Additionally, destroy these barrels using your pickaxe. While they primarily contain fish, there’s a possibility of finding a fishing rod hidden within.

Method 4: Creative Mode

Building Bonanza

Creative mode allows for complete customization and exploration.

Prop Hunt

While not directly used for fishing, fishing rods can be found scattered around the map as props within Creative mode. However, interacting with them won’t provide you with a usable fishing rod in your inventory.

Important Notes

Random Spawns

The exact locations where you’ll find fishing rods through floor loot or chests can vary from match to match due to the randomized nature of Fortnite.

Limited Availability

Fishing rods are not guaranteed to be present in every match. Furthermore, be prepared to adapt your strategy if you don’t find one readily.

Beyond the Basics: Utilizing Your Fishing Rod

Once you’ve acquired your fishing rod, here’s a quick overview of how to use it:

Equipping Your Rod

Locate the fishing rod in your inventory and equip it to your active slot.

Finding a Fishing Spot

Look for bodies of water with a rippling animation on the surface. This indicates a designated fishing zone.

Cast Your Line

Interact with the fishing zone to cast your line.

Reel ’em In!

A meter will appear, indicating the tension on the line as you attempt to reel in your catch. Time your button presses strategically to maintain tension and avoid snapping the line.

Fishing: More Than Just a Fun Activity

While fishing offers a unique gameplay element and a chance to catch valuable fish, it also plays a role in completing specific challenges within Fortnite. Some challenges may require you to catch a certain number of fish or even specific types of fish.


  • Persistence is key. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find a fishing rod immediately. Keep searching and exploring different areas.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. While fishing can be a relaxing activity, stay alert and be prepared to defend yourself if needed.


By following these tips and understanding the different ways to acquire a fishing rod, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned angler in Fortnite. Remember, utilizing your fishing rod effectively can not only provide valuable resources but also add a layer of strategic depth to your gameplay.